Posted on 2018-01-31 14:27:53
Subject: Beware! the Blob
Posted By: Admin

“Beware the Blob” stars Robert Walker Jr.(Charlie X from Star Trek!), Carol Lynley(Poseidon Adventure), Dick Van Patten(Eight is Enough), Gerrit Graham(Cannonball) and a cameo by director Larry Hagman(Dallas).

I have a new yard stick with which all movies shall now be judged. This is the only movie worthy of showcasing Charlie X. “Beware! The Blob” is a lesson in brilliance; it shows how high one can truly aspire in life. All you can do is sit back and stare in awe at the complete perfection this movie showcases. There will honestly never be another movie that can come close to capturing the magic this movie creates. Where the putrid “Star Wars, The Last Jedi” shows us all that can go wrong with a movie, this shows us all that can go right.

From the terrifying opening battle between the freshly released blob and a spunky kitten(one of the greatest fights ever put on screen I might add), through the wrenching attack on the man in a gorilla suit, to the ending chase between the blob and Charlie X, this movie had me on the edge of my seat.

Mere moments before the greatest battle ever put on screen begins.

The direction, the acting, the dialogue, everything clicks. For his all too brief screen time, the kitten put on an acting display that was Oscar worthy. His timing, his facial expressions, I can’t believe his career did not take off after this movie. His brave battle for truth and justice will not be soon forgotten.

I hate strawberry jam!

This movie touched me on a spiritual level and made me believe in magic. I had once held the movie “Killdozer” in the highest esteem, but this film opened my eyes to true, gosh-darn, real movie magic. Larry Hagman directed only one feature film, and I am grateful it was this one. Thank you J.R., you done good. I believe again.

I rate this five out of five spunky kittens.