Posted on 2019-01-08 17:20:33
Subject: Predator(2018)
Posted By: Admin

Plot? Who needs a plot, we have Predators! The Predator(2018) is a mess; the plot is almost as incoherent as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attempting to talk policy. I read somewhere that the entire third act was scrapped and reshot, and that would account for some of the many plot problems this movie has. Equally as bad is the acting from the lead, there were points I thought the actor was a cardboard cutout.

What does this movie have going for it? Not much, the lead has a group of followers, lovingly called “The Loonies” that come nowhere close to matching the personality of Arnie’s group in the original Predator. They are mostly forgettable, but they do include the Punisher(Thomas Jane(wasting his talent)) and Theon Greyjoy(Alfie Allen). There’s also Olivia Munn, who as usual, is very nice to look at.

Psylocke takes on the Predator

The basic plot is a Predator arrives on earth to give mankind the ultimate weapon to use against his own kind so they can no longer hunt on earth. How does he present this gift? By killing everyone he comes across(with the exception of a naked Olivia Munn, apparently even aliens have a thing for Psylocke). Naturally the other Predators can’t let us have this weapon, so they send some sort of super Predator hybrid to destroy the weapon. Unfortunately for the Predators, they didn’t account for a cardboard cutout standing in their way.

Punisher vs. Predator would have made for a far more interesting movie.

There is also the standard subplot of the super, duper, ooper, pooper kid who can easily hack into an alien computer system in seconds whereas a team of trained programmers, engineers and scientists can only stand around and scratch their heads. He must be related to the child hacker from Jurassic Park.

Don’t waste your time on this, pop in the original and watch a much better Predator movie.